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World's Famous Smart Logos With Hidden Symbolism

World's Famous Smart Logos With Hidden Symbolism

Try to figure what the hidden messages are before reading
the explanations. Have the designers manage to convey the right messages for
these logos?
The arrow from A to Z, symbolizes what Amazon is known for
selling everything under the sun. It also serves as a smile, making the company
feel friendly and approachable.

Amazon Logo

Atlanta Falcons

This logo doubles as an actual Falcon, and an ˜F™ for

Atlanta Falcons Logo

Baskin Robbins
This logo subtly incorporates the number œ31³ that was a
big part of their older logo

Baskin Robbins


The Chick-Fil-A logo incorporates an illustration of a
chicken with the ˜C™ in ˜Chick-Fil-A™ in a not so hidden way.


City Direct
Thiss one is really hard to see, but if you focus on the
black part of the logo, the airplane is surrounded by the initials CD for City

In the Families logo, the ˜i™, ˜l™, and second ˜i™ are all
different sizes, representing the father as the long ˜l™ and the mother as the
longest ˜i™ followed by the child. The upper case œR�s in the Marriage logo
mirror each other with their ends sticking together, representing the bond of a

Families/Marriage Logo

Fashion Center
One extra hole was added to the button, to make an ˜F™ for
œFashion Center

Fashion Center Logo


At first glance it hard to find the symbolism in this
logo, but if you look closer you™ll notice the right-pointing arrow in between
the ˜E™ and the ˜x™, representing precision and speed at which FedEx works.

FedEx Logo


This online food delivery logo includes a combination of the internet key @ with a fork, representing food as well as the first half of the name fork, making the utilization of technology in food delivery very clear and obvious for the customers

Forkwire Logo

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