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The Cheetah Coupe Concept 2008

The Cheetah Coupe Concept 2008

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Ferrari F430

Ferrari F430
Car Ferrari F430
About 2008 Ferrari F430 -:
MSRP: $186,925 Warranty: 36 months / 999,999 kilometres Safety: 4 disc brakes (4 ventilated)4-wheel, Four-wheel ABS
Fuel Economy: 19.1 L/100km city - 12.3 L/100km highway Engine: 4.3L, 4 valve, 490 hp @ 8500 rpm Transmission: Manual, 6 speed

Car  Ferrari F430 Spider F1 About 2008 Ferrari F430 Spider F1
MSRP: $228,447
Warranty: 36 months / 999,999 kilometres
Safety: 4 disc brakes (4 ventilated)4-wheel, Four-wheel ABS
Fuel Economy: 19.0 L/100km city - 12.4 L/100km highway
Engine: 4.3L, 4 valve, 490 hp @ 8500 rpm

Transmission: Manual, 6 speed

$$ 50$ Dollor USA ( Wall Paper ) $$

$$ 50$ Dollor USA ( Wall Paper ) $$
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$$ 50$  Dollor USA  ( Wall Paper ) $$

Dilip Kumar Turns 86

Dilip KumarOne of the senior-most stars of the Hindi film industry, actor Dilip Kumar completes 86 glorious years today, December 11, 2008. Indiatimes Movies wishes the thespian actor a very happy birthday and tells you some interesting trivia about him.

- Dilip Kumar was born on December 11, 1922 in Peshawar, Pakistan (then in India). His birth name was Muhammad Yusuf Khan.

- Leading actress of 40s and wife of Himanshu Rai (founder of Bombay Talkies), Devika Rani helped him get his first film Jwar Bhata (1944) and also gave him his screen name Dilip Kumar.

- Dilip Kumar is known for playing tragedy roles in films like Devdas, Deedar, Amar and Madhumati which earned him the title of "Tragedy King".

- Dilip Kumar along with Raj Kapoor and Dev Anand were the reigning superstars through the 50s and 60s and were often pitted as rivals. But much against the media notion, they shared good friendly bond. Dilip Kumar also worked with Raj Kapoor and Dev Anand in Andaaz and Insaniyat respectively.

Dilip Kumar had a torrid affair with actress Madhubala for seven long years, with whom he costarred in the blockbuster hit Mughal-e-Azam . However the relationship ended abruptly when Madhubala¢s father Attaullah Khan didn¢t approve of their association. Madhubala opted out of B R Chopra¢s Naya Daur which was followed by a court case where Dilip Kumar was in favour of Chopra.

- Dilip Kumar married a much younger Saira Banu who was half her age when they married. Dilip Kumar was 44 then and Saira Banu was just 22. In fact Saira Banu was a big fan of Dilip Kumar and even attended the premiere of Mughal-e-Azam to catch a glimpse of him. However he never turned up for the premiere. Years later Dilip Kumar attended the premiere of the coloured version of Mughal-e-Azam in 2004 along with wife Saira Banu.

- Dilip Kumar wrote the screenplay of one of his early films Ganga Jamna (1961) where he starred along with younger brother Nasir Khan. The duo played brothers in the film and the film was a big hit. Nasir Khan is the father of actor Ayub Khan who starred in films like Salaami and Mrityudand . Nasir Khan¢s wife Begum Para was last seen in Saawariya as Sonam Kapoor¢s grandmother.

- Dilip Kumar was offered the role of Sherif Ali by British director David Lean in the famous film Lawrence of Arabia . However Dilip Kumar refused the role and eventually the part was played by Omar Sharif.

- Dilip Kumar was all set to direct a film called Kalinga in 1996 starring names like Nana Patekar and Jackie Shroff. Sadly the film never got made.

- Dilip Kumar¢s last film appearance was in a movie named Qila
in 1998. Interestingly he had a double role in the film and also played a villainous character through one of them.

Post By: Deepak Pujabi

$ .,.,. Unbelivable Pictures .,.,. $

$ .,.,. Unbelivable Pictures .,.,. $

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The artist employs a mix of acrobaticsClick On Image For Full Size View

Wei admits sometimes he is in real danger

Excels Keyboard Shortcuts

I Love HerVvery Much ( Kids Images )

I Love Her very Much ( Kids Images )

Cute KidsClick On Image For Full Size View
Cute Baby



 International AirportClick On Image For Full Size View
BEAUTIFUL DUBAI International Airport

Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi >>> tujhe Kho kar bhii

Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi was born on 20th November 1916 in village Anga of district Khushab in Pakistan. He was an important Urdu poet, journalist, literary critic and a short story writer. He was a major figure in contemporary Urdu literature and perhaps the most respected and influential literary figure in Pakistan. He was a publisher and editor of the prestigious literary journal "Funoon", that helped groom a whole generation of young writers.

Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi started his career as a clerk in the government and later on left it for journalism. He was a graduate from the Punjab University. As an active member of the Progressive Writers Movement, Mr. Qasmi is probably one of the most admired Pakistani writers. He written works include Rim Jhim, Jalal-o-Jamal, Shola-e-Gul, Dasht-e-Wafa, Muheet, Dawam, and Loh-e-Khak (poetry); Chopal, Bagolay, Talloo-o-Gharoob, Gardab, Sailab, Anchal, and Ablay (short stories). He passed away on 10th July 2006 in Lahore.

tujhe Kho kar bhii tujhe paauuN jahaaN tak dekhuuN
husn-e-yazdaaN se tujhe husn-e-butaaN tak dekhuuN
(husn-e-yazdaaN:beauty of God; husn-e-butaaN:beauty of idols)
tuune yuuN dekhaa hai jaise kabhii dekhaa hii na thaa
maiN to dil meN tere qadmoN ke nishaaN tak dekhuuN
sirf is shauq meN puuchii haiN hazaaroN baateN
maiN teraa husn, tere husn-e-bayaaN tak dekhuuN
vaqt ne zehn meN dhundhlaa diye tere khadd-o-Khaal
yuuN to maiN TuuTte taaroN kaa dhuaaN tak dekhuuN
dil gayaa thaa to ye aaNkhen bhii ko¢ii le jaataa
main faqat ek hii tasviir kahaan tak dekhuuN
ek haqiiqat sahii firdaus meN huuroN kaa vajuud
husn-e-insaan se nipat luuN to vahaan tak dekhuuN

Post By: Adnan_Yusuf

Ahmed Faraz

Ahmed Faraz was born in Nowshera (Pakistan) on January 14, 1931. One of the leading contemporary poets, Ahmed Faraz has a simple style of writing with which the common man can identify with. Ethnically a Pathan, Ahmed Faraz studied Persian and Urdu at the Peshawar University.

Outspoken about politics, he went into self-imposed exile during the Zia-ul-Haq regime after he was arrested for reciting certain poems at a mushaira. He stayed for three years in Britain, Canada and Europe before returning to Pakistan where he remained chairperson of the Islamabad-based Pakistan Book Foundation for several years. Maintaining a tradition established by his mentor, the revolutionary Faiz, he wrote some of his best poetry during those days in exile.

kaThin hai raahguzar thoRii duur saath chalo
bahut kaRaa hai safar thoRii duur saath chaalo
tamaam umr kahaaN ko’ii saath detaa hai
maiN jaantaa huuN magar thoRii duur saath chalo
nashe meN chuur huuN maiN bhii tumheN bhii hosh nahiiN
baRaa mazaa ho agar thoRii duur saath chalo
ye ek shab kii mulaaqaat bhii Ghaniimat hai
kise hai kal kii Khabar, thoRii duur saath chalo
abhii to jaag rahe haiN chiraaGh raahoN ke
abhii hai duur sahar thoRii duur saath chalo
tavaaf-e-manzil-e-jaanaaN hameN bhii karnaa hai
“Faraz” tum bhii agar thoRii duur saath chalo
Post By: Adnan_Yusuf



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