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Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi >>> tujhe Kho kar bhii

Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi was born on 20th November 1916 in village Anga of district Khushab in Pakistan. He was an important Urdu poet, journalist, literary critic and a short story writer. He was a major figure in contemporary Urdu literature and perhaps the most respected and influential literary figure in Pakistan. He was a publisher and editor of the prestigious literary journal "Funoon", that helped groom a whole generation of young writers.

Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi started his career as a clerk in the government and later on left it for journalism. He was a graduate from the Punjab University. As an active member of the Progressive Writers Movement, Mr. Qasmi is probably one of the most admired Pakistani writers. He written works include Rim Jhim, Jalal-o-Jamal, Shola-e-Gul, Dasht-e-Wafa, Muheet, Dawam, and Loh-e-Khak (poetry); Chopal, Bagolay, Talloo-o-Gharoob, Gardab, Sailab, Anchal, and Ablay (short stories). He passed away on 10th July 2006 in Lahore.

tujhe Kho kar bhii tujhe paauuN jahaaN tak dekhuuN
husn-e-yazdaaN se tujhe husn-e-butaaN tak dekhuuN
(husn-e-yazdaaN:beauty of God; husn-e-butaaN:beauty of idols)
tuune yuuN dekhaa hai jaise kabhii dekhaa hii na thaa
maiN to dil meN tere qadmoN ke nishaaN tak dekhuuN
sirf is shauq meN puuchii haiN hazaaroN baateN
maiN teraa husn, tere husn-e-bayaaN tak dekhuuN
vaqt ne zehn meN dhundhlaa diye tere khadd-o-Khaal
yuuN to maiN TuuTte taaroN kaa dhuaaN tak dekhuuN
dil gayaa thaa to ye aaNkhen bhii ko¢ii le jaataa
main faqat ek hii tasviir kahaan tak dekhuuN
ek haqiiqat sahii firdaus meN huuroN kaa vajuud
husn-e-insaan se nipat luuN to vahaan tak dekhuuN

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