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Eat some water

The expression, 'Cool as a cucumber', probably refers to its high water content. Cucumbers also contain potassium which helps maintain the mineral balance in the body particularly when you are losing fluids. And the benefits don't end there. Cucumbers are also rich in a lipid component called ‘sterol’ that can bring down cholesterol levels. And it's the skin of the cucumber that contains the highest level of sterols. So think twice before you peel away valuable nutrition. Lastly, cucumbers are also extremely low in calories making the vegetable a dieter's dream.


A must-have when it comes of the classic salad plate, lettuce has 90 per cent water content. A word of caution though - go easy on the dressing as they only bring down the nutritive value.


Apart from combating cancer and a host of other ailments, tomatoes are also amongst the most hydrated of vegetables. Besides this, Lycopene, the chemical which gives tomato its distinct red colour, protects skin against UV damage, which one is more prone to in summer.

Tomatoes are also high in Vitamin A which is fat soluble, so remember to include a small amount of fat in your diet along with tomatoes or your body won't be able to fully absorb the vitamin.



Instead of guzzling down plain water, have some juicy, freshly split watermelon. Low on calories and high on water content, this fruit is your best bet when dealing with the Sweltering heat.

Watermelons also contain powerful anti-oxidants that neutralise free radicals in the body, that otherwise could cause harm by oxidising protein and fat. In the long run, these radicals could put you at risk of cancer. And if you're on a diet, this high fibre fruit promises to make you feel full for longer.


Not only does strawberry rank high in water content, the fruit is also packed with Vitamin C, the anti-oxidant which keeps ligaments strong and hastens skin repair including sun-burns. Apart from that strawberries are also rich in flavonoids, which help fight cancer.



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